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Bite of Bread: Extreme Faith

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F- Future

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Scripture promises that God blesses faith.

We’re told that Abraham was considered righteous because of his faith (Romans 4:22).

We’re also promised that all who believe in Jesus will be saved. (John 3:16)

Faith is essential.

It’s on my mind tonight because I’ve been writing my “Acknowledgement” page for A Mary Like Meand it’s been about those people who have encouraged my faith and spurred me on to continue the publishing process.

We can’t be saved without faith, but we also can’t do what God calls us to do without it. And we definitely can’t do it alone. We need other believers to hold our arms up when our faith wearies.

So. . . let’s focus on faith this week.

Bite of Bread Extreme Faith


Grab your journal and pen, Bible and favorite hot drink. I’m pouring my coffee and grabbing my breakfast bar. Then I’m sitting down with Jesus to talk to Him about faith. I’ll petition for more and allow His words to nourish the deepest parts that want to doubt and fear. Want to join me?

You can join the conversation of our Facebook Fellowship page or on Periscope everyday(ish) around 9:00 EST, Lord willing. Periscope is an app on your smart phone that allows you to see me talk about the “Bite” for the day.

Back to faith, who has been the greatest person of faith in your life or who has strengthened your faith when you wanted to doubt and give up?


Have a God week!


Jesus loves you,





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