A Mary Like Me


Is there a dream buried deep in you, a God-calling  that life shushed? Were you too busy? Or did comparison threaten your nerve and stifle your first step? Comparison paralyzes, but camaraderie inspires. Come meet three women of the Bible who we’ve traditionally lifted to saintly status. One gave birth to the Messiah, the other sat at his feet as a disciple, and the third proclaimed the risen Christ. They did amazing things, but these women were named Mary, a name meaning bitter, rebellious, and defiant. Names revealed personalities and destinies in biblical days. Come explore the human hearts of these beloved women; discover camaraderie with them, and be encouraged to do what you believe God has called you to do.

Helpful features:

  • End-of-chapter discussion questions for Mary Groups (small groups)
  • Single journal prompts
  • Resources for deeper Bible Study
  • Intercessory wisdom for ministry
  • Instructions for Mary Group Leaders

A Mary Like Me is a book written about women for women by a woman who offers a different perspective than other writers. It provides a relational understanding of biblical characters, knowledge of Hebrew and Greek words on a laymen’s level, authenticity and the invitation to be real, and empowerment to follow God’s call.

Come recover your lost dreams, rekindle God’s call on your life, and step. out. in. faith.        


Available online on Amazon.com, CBD.com, Barnes and Noble.com, and in local bookstores, Lifeway, Books-A-Million, Mardel, and Family Christian bookstores.

Amazon link for purchase and more info.: A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called



Praise for A Mary Like Me

As Andy uncovered the human frailty of these women, I began to catch glimpses of myself. The Holy Spirit whispered to me about my flaws, my dreams, and my calling, and reminded me of His grace, His faithfulness, and His favor. Joyful tears stained my cheeks as God used A Mary Like Me to remind me of buried dreams and boost my passion to pursue current ones. God has a habit of doing that. He begins by inviting us to bless others and He finishes by blessing our socks off. One more thing about this book—make that one more word. It’s a word I use rarely and selectively. Andy’s writing is anointed.

~Maresa DePuy, https://pebblethrowers.org/


A Mary Like Me is one of the few books that as soon as I finished it, I wanted to read it all over again. Andy Lee is a poignant, loving woman and her books and writings are the essence of her spirit. Holy Spirit, that is. Andy is well qualified to write this book with a degree from Eastern Nazarene University and has taught Bible studies for over twenty years but I have to say it’s her heart that draws me to her writings.

-Donna Tinsley, Daytona Beach FL


“A Mary Like Me left me wanting to “hear” more of Andy’s sweet spirit, clearly revealing her knowledge of God’s Word and love for her Lord. I felt like I was sitting in her living room talking to her! Andy Lee’s writings have a way of leaving you half-full or thirsty for more. She is definately on her way to being an author of best selling Bible Studies! Highly recommend this book for your daily quiet time or, better yet, share it with others as a group study. Way more than 5 stars! :-)”


This book will give you more than you thought possible! Andy brings us authentic, transparent, and scripturally rich words of wisdom with every page turn. Her writing style is easy to follow, I thought we were sitting down having a cup of coffee together! The way she reached inside the heart of biblical women and helped me relate to them is truly inspiring. I saw stories I thought I knew before through a new lens that was not tainted with judgement or predetermined ideas. I saw these women, maybe for the first time, as Jesus did. And it gave me hope. This book is a wonderful read by yourself or with a study group. I can not recommend it enough!!!!”