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The Peaceful Transition of Power

I cry every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner.

From high school bands to military, there’s just something about it. My mouth quivers and eyes fill with tears threatening my composure. I don’t know if my emotions are stirred from  the echoes of fallen soldiers, or the immense pride I feel because I have known soldiers who fought for our freedom and the freedom of other countries not their own. I am thankful and proud to be an American. Our history is rich.

But I’ve been so saddened by our country’s division since the presidential election. I’ve never seen such hate and disrespect against authority and our democracy. I understand the fears. I’ve got them too. Yet, fear does not excuse our hate.

The night of the election I wrote a post called, 8 Scriptures That Give Me Peace No Matter Who Wins the Election. 

I think it would do many of us good to read it again, all eight of those verses of strength and promise. But the first one, I believe is the most important today on this inauguration day, at least for those of us who believe the Bible and put our hope in God. It comes from Romans:

” . . . The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Romans 13:1

Good kings and bad ones. Politically correct politicians and not politically correct ones. Mean rulers. Nice ones. Murderers, pacifists. Brilliant. Crazy. Not one comes to power without His eyes on them.

But what we must remember is that our God, the creator of the universe, the one who gave you breath in your lungs, is sovereign. That means (according to Webster) that He possesses supreme or ultimate power. So, even though Donald Trump will be taking the oath of the President of the United States, the “most powerful position in the world,” as stated by a news anchor, YHWH is ultimately ruling.

That gives some of us peace, but it may not for all, and that is why we must study all of God’s attributes and know why He is trustworthy and we can sleep well no matter who is ruling our country. This is where the rubber meets the road in our faith.

Do we truly believe God is the self-existing God who is good, merciful, gracious, righteous, and holy?

Do we believe Romans 8:28?

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Do you believe that God is for you? If you struggle with God, look toward Jesus.

God is good in His sovereignty.

I must close with words from my post in November:

We have an opportunity my friends. We have been given the blessing of being lights in dark places. Be prayer warriors instead of worriers, and peace bringers rather than division makers. I believe that when this election is over, our job is just beginning to be more faithful in prayer for those ruling, and to live “out of the ordinary” lives no matter what the circumstances.

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May we be apart of history on this day of a peaceful transition of power. And while we’re at it, may we not forget who is holding the ultimate power in the first place. Nothing is too hard for HIM. 


See you Monday! Enjoy your weekend. Spend some time with the One who loves you.


Digging Deep,



  1. Janice

    I am so very thankful to serve my king, King Jesus! My King never falters and He is always on the throne!

    1. Amen! He is our KING!

  2. Valerie Foster

    Thank you, Andy! This is an important post, especially today. No matter how we voted, we are all in this life together. Hopefully, if we focus on who is ultimately in charge we can make this world a better place. Blessings to you!

    1. Amen! We are in this together, and He is in control. Let’s be lights! Much love!!

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