What to Wear When You’re Discouraged

  Do you know the ache of discouragement? The ache that makes you want to quit, cry, or run away (or all three)? Disappointment can stir it up, or failure, or unanswered prayers. We try, and try again. We love, step out in faith, stay faithful to the task, and the return is empty and … Continue reading “What to Wear When You’re Discouraged”

Bite of Bread: Upward Focus

  Our minds are valuable real estate. A battle wages to control them. That is why soaking in the truth of the Bible is so important. Our thoughts can consume us, both good and bad. Last week we focused on the armor of God and the spiritual battle we fight in prayer against the dark forces … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: Upward Focus”

What Do You Wear When You #Pray ?

  What do you wear when you pray? I’m often in my pink robe and fuzzy slippers. Sometimes I’m all dressed for the day, make-up applied, hair done, and shoes on ready to go out the door. But, there’s more to prayer than just praying. And there are some important items that we must put … Continue reading “What Do You Wear When You #Pray ?”

Bite of Bread: War Ready and Winners of the Circle Maker

Have you seen the movie, “The War Room“? It opened this weekend (August 28). If you haven’t, go see it. This movie stirred me to pray. It strengthened my faith. The next morning I marched around my house praying out loud. (I can do that with an empty nest!) My faith strong; my resolve stronger. … Continue reading “Bite of Bread: War Ready and Winners of the Circle Maker”

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