Bite of Bread

Bite of Bread: War Ready and Winners of the Circle Maker

For our struggle

Have you seen the movie, “The War Room“? It opened this weekend (August 28).

If you haven’t, go see it.

This movie stirred me to pray.

It strengthened my faith.

The next morning I marched around my house praying out loud. (I can do that with an empty nest!) My faith strong; my resolve stronger. [tweetability]My faith was not in my eloquent or perfectly prayed prayer, but on the One to whom I petitioned.[/tweetability] 


Victor. Savior. Healer.

The movie not only reminded me of God’s power, but as I sat in a theater full of believers and watched preview after preview of the many Christian movies coming out this year, I felt a movement. 

I felt a movement of the Army of God–the army we all enlisted into when we said “yes” to Jesus.

So, this week’s Bite of Bread is from Ephesians 6:10-18.

Let’s put on our armor this week, and let’s fight. Fight for our families, fight for refugees in Europe desperately trying to find a new life. Fight against ISIS and cancer and (you fill in your blank)______________. 

Let’s bring heaven to earth.

Fight! But do so battle ready. 

Bite of Bread War Ready




Have a powerful week my friends! You hold the greatest power within you. The power of LIFE. Resurrected Life and His name is Jesus.

And the winners of The Circle Maker are. . . .(I decided to give away three)…

Donna Hardekopf, Debbie Willsey, and CathyTowne! Please email me: wordsbyandylee (at) gmail (dot) com with your address so I can mail your copy. Congratulations! Thank you to all of you who participated. Loved chatting with you in the comments.







  1. Hi, Andy,

    Wow! Just so The War Room. Excellent. Cried all through it. Am strongly considering coming for Word Weavers retreat you are planning. I have been attending the Charlotte group. Do you remember me? We met at a writers conference the Spring of 2009 in Asheville. I think you subscribe to my blog. I have a new book being published this week. It’s about prayer and writing to inspire.

    God’s love,
    Margaret Montreuil

    1. Yes! I remember you Margaret! Congrats on your latest published book! Would love to have you come to the retreat!

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