Scripture to Pray When You Don’t Have the Words

When you don’t have the words to pray, God does. Scripture can help us. Have you been so frustrated facing problem after problem (after problem) that you couldn’t find words to cry out to God? I have. Has an illness snuffed out the fire of your faith, and prayer seems a vain attempt to be … Continue reading “Scripture to Pray When You Don’t Have the Words”

3 Ways to Battle Discouragement

The other day, out of the blue, discouragement washed over me. Words spoken poured over my soul like a bucket of cold water. I’m about to confess something to you that took me by surprise, so when I tell you, please don’t think less of me. I can’t believe the thought came to my mind … Continue reading “3 Ways to Battle Discouragement”


What Helps Me Trust God When Life is Uncertain

Trusting God is not always easy. It’s been almost a month since our country began quarantine. The question we’re all asking is, “When will this be over?” We could handle this better if we just knew how long. Right? That’s the hardest part, the not knowing. I’ve lived through this struggle as a military wife … Continue reading “What Helps Me Trust God When Life is Uncertain”

Why Would God Allow a Pandemic? The Answer is Found in Easter

This year, like all of you, I will worship on Easter via Facebook, and I’ll spend the day with my hubby and Hank the cat instead of a houseful of young adults and friends. It’s tempting to let Easter 2020 slip by as another Sunday on the calendar, but let’s not. Let’s make Easter special … Continue reading “Why Would God Allow a Pandemic? The Answer is Found in Easter”

Preparing for Palm Sunday Without Church

This week churches all over the world will not be celebrating Palm Sunday the normal way. We won’t gather together with songs or palm leaves like we did in the tiny Methodist church I grew up in. Instead we will be in our homes glued to our screens watching our worship services online. Some churches … Continue reading “Preparing for Palm Sunday Without Church”

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