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Living on Grace

“I’m just living on grace.” This is my new mantra. Well, it’s not actually new. Years ago I set out to better understand grace and all it encompassed in my life. I wanted to be gracious and graceful. I knew I desperately needed grace as well as extend it to others. And I began praying for grace constantly–in all situations.

I’ve resurrected that prayer lately. Whether I’m running late for a meeting, trying to do an unfamiliar job, or loosing patience potty training our puppy, I pray for grace. I’m praying for it right now as I try to stay awake typing this post.

I need grace because I fail over and over and over. I need grace because I often run late, seem to be a day behind in preparation for the groups I lead, and fight my own weariness in the demands of life.
Grace is God’s gift of salvation, but it is also His extension of power to us. It changes us, transforms us…forgives us with the promise to fill us with Himself. He is Grace.

Eureka! My prayer for Grace is a prayer for more of Jesus!

So, maybe living on grace is a good thing because I know how much I need it– that means I know how much I need Him. Care to join me in my mantra? Let’s do some living on grace. How would this change your life?

…My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness (2 Cor. 12:9).

Much grace and peace,

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