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God’s Statistics

I have a confession. Every day, sometimes several times a day, I check the stats of my blog. These stats tell me how many pages have been viewed for the day, week, month, and all time.

It has been amazing to watch the growth lately. Since obeying the Lord’s nudge to write six days a week, the stats have soared (some days). My page views for the month have jumped from barely over 300 to 1000 –give or take a few on a given day.

This has been exciting, but I confess that on the days when it’s just a normal number or a small number, the doubts come and disappointment rears its ugly head.

This causes me to pause and ask myself questions.

Why am I writing? Why do the numbers matter? Why am I doing this Lord?

I guess its always good to take our inventory of sorts. The answers always put me on my knees asking for greater faith and a purer heart.

This week I wrote about struggling with my “nothingness”.  It’s really quite humorous how my emotions can be flying one day filled with eternal purpose and crash the next day ladened with questions and feelings of failure.

The truth is: only God can see my big picture. I must simply trust and obey. These words on this blog are written for Him. For His glory, not mine. They are written to encourage you, not me!

What are you in the process of doing, simply out of obedience, that does not appear to be making a difference on this side of heaven? If you have an answer to this question, be encouraged with this verse:

I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills His purpose for me…Psalm 57:2 (This is the Scripture for the day.)

God will fulfill His purpose for us. His statistics are off the chart.

Grace and peace,

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