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God Always Speaks

I went treasure hunting in the dark today.

This is what I found:

Why do you complain to Him that He answers none of man’s words? For God does speak–now one way, now another–though man may not perceive it. –Job 33:13,14

I’m always amazed when I find “new” Scriptures. Of course, they are not new. My eyes have touched them before. Yet today this jewel shone in colors too brilliant to miss.
As I wondered why I didn’t see this verse before and underline it during my previous readings, God spoke this wisdom, “You didn’t see it before because you did not have the need. Scriptures come to life when they speak into the heart of your questions….you had never heard my silence until last summer.”
His “silence” during my sister’s last days has haunted me. I’ve taken comfort that Jesus Himself felt forsaken. Yet I’ve been jealous of those who experienced God’s tangible presence or visions during their pain. And I’ve questioned God’s “absence” in my life.
Yet this scripture promises that He always speaks. He always answers.
This brings me comfort. It was not God who left, it was my ability to perceive His voice. His presence.
So, if you are feeling abandoned today. Forsaken by The Living God. Claim this truth found in Job. Ask for the Lord of Hosts to open up your eyes, ears, and heart to the things unseen. His voice comes in many forms. He is with you.
Thank Him for your struggle and whatever comfort you might need. Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3). His Word speaks into us as we have need for Truth. Our brokenness and questions allow the Word to come to Life. Life we can’t experience when we are self-sufficient.
God always speaks.
Much love,

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