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Faith of a Child

I am teaching a Bible study on Thursday nights. Every week I give the ladies a list of verses to read and copy in their spiral notebook. Many of the Scriptures I have blogged about the past two weeks have been on those Bible verses because that is where I have been lately in the mornings. Candle lit, cats fed, coffee, couch, me, His Presence and those Scriptures.

I chose the Bible verses weeks ago, but they have been amazingly “spot-on” in my life. And I am encouraged when I receive an e-mail or comment that they have been “spot-on” for you too. One of those comments referred to the fires in Texas. The smoke and ash in the atmosphere is so bad that it is affecting their breathing and causing my friend’s daughter’s asthma to be worse. My friend is trusting in the goodness and help of the Lord. But please join us in prayer for rain in Texas and Oklahoma.

One of the scriptures that keeps showing up in my life is: I lift my eyes unto the hills. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 121:1,2).

As I copied it down today (I was a few days behind with my own list!) The words reminded me of a sweet story our preacher told us yesterday. He said his wife had a terrible headache the night before and needed to go to bed early. When she went back into the bedroom, his youngest son (who is very compassionate) said, “Daddy, shouldn’t we pray for Mommy?” Our preacher smiled a sheepish smile, a little embarrassed that he didn’t say it first, and told his son, “Yes! Of  course we should pray for Mommy.”

So they went back into the bedroom, hopped onto the bed, and his son put his hands on her head. He prayed, “God, please make Mommy’s head feel better. Her head hurts because she ate too much sugar. You can heal her cuz you made the earth.”

Out of the mouth of babes….

….My help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth.

HE is our help.

If you need help today, maybe finding a sunrise or sunset, a wave rolling toward your feet or the melody of a bird outside in a tree will remind you that God is in control. He can bring rain. He can heal asthma and headaches “cuz He made the earth.” He is God, and His creation proves that He is good.

Much love,

Today’s scripture to copy and meditate upon: Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in Me (John 14:1).

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