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The Strong, Silent Type

This is what the Sovereign, the Holy One of Israel says, “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.” (Isaiah 30:15).

What a powerful verse. When I get all stirred up and bothered, and peace escapes my soul, I need to heed this:

Repent from trying to do it on my own.
Trust in the Lord’s hand in my life. (He’s bigger. He’s better. He’s smarter.)
Be quiet.
Do nothing about the problem.

Even as I write these words, the human nature in me says, “What?! You just can’t sit back and do nothing and say nothing!” You have the DO something!”

God says the opposite.

This verse also tells me where to find strength. It’s not found in my own wisdom or voice or somebody else. It can be found in quietness and trust.

Many of us are in the midst of whirlwinds of fear, despair, and worry. Our vision just can’t see how God can work it all out. If nothing has worked, we’re at a good place. We can now say, “I give up!”

Want to join me as a strong, silent type? If so:

Be Quiet, (Don’t call your friends and ask for advice.)
Trust God’s goodness

Looking forward in hearing how this changes your life and sharing with you how it changes mine. I can tell you that I already have more peace!

Much love,

ps. My radio works! (Yesterday’s blog.) Yeah God!

Today’s scripture to journal: The one above: Isa. 30:15

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