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Extended Darkness Just for Me

They say it is the darkest before the dawn. Today I experienced it. I thought the sky would never begin to lighten.

It’s been one of those mornings when the cats awakened me at 4:00am. Needless to say, the Andy who has at times sprung from the bed trusting the Lord was using her cats to wake her up did not experience such grace this morning. I all but threw pillows at them warning them to LEAVE ME ALONE FOR ONE MORE HOUR!

But I did finally give in and get up at 5:00am knowing it would be one of those mornings when my quiet time might actually look like nap time on the couch. Coffee really didn’t help, and I found myself dozing horizontally, opening my eyes every fifteen minutes to peer out the window watching for signs of the sun. I must have checked 5 times amazed that the sky was still dark. Was it ever going to grow a pale dark green into a beautiful blue today?

Maybe the sun was as sleepy as I was this morning and did not want to awaken at the appointed time. Or maybe the days are getting shorter (more likely the answer to my thoughts.) Whatever the reason, I felt a sweet kiss from the Lord who seemed to give me extra sleeping time even though I got up at 5:00am. Though my early morning was not very productive, I still spent it with Him. Can’t explain it, but I know He was there, and I know I was blessed for just trying to get out of bed to sit with Him before the day started. His grace was there. His love was there.

Every time I looked outside only to witness the darkness He said, “It’s okay, I’m extending the darkness for your rest.”

I wonder how many times He has extended “dark” seasons in my life for my own benefit. I probably could have rested rather than been restless. The sun was coming, but it comes only on God’s time table. His perfect time table.

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