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Learning Curve cont.

If you missed yesterday’s post, read it before you read this one. If you slept last night, you might want to read yesterday’s post again because (if you are like me) you can’t remember what you read yesterday! That was a looong time ago (smile).

I posted the scriptures yesterday because of the word learn. As I read the verses, it struck me that the great men of faith who wrote these words had learned important concepts: The Psalmist knew the blessings of those who had learned to “acclaim” the Lord and walk in the Presence of His light. He had learned the blessing of worship. And Paul had learned how to be content whether in bad circumstances or good. If he had to learn it, it didn’t come naturally even to Paul!

As Christians, do we assume these things are supposed to supernaturally erupt out of our lives? Do we assume we will supernaturally praise or supernaturally be content?  It could happen that way, but more times than naught, it doesn’t.


The best teachers I had were the ones who somehow made the topic real. They gave me opportunity for hands-on experience. I was a visual learner. I needed tangible things to help me grasp the content of the lesson. I needed practice. The more this happened, the clearer the concept and easier the subject became. I got it! It was no longer work. It flowed out of me.

The God who created us and knows how we learn is the best teacher of all.

What is He teaching you these days?

Thank Him for the lesson. He has a good purpose.

Much love,

Today’s Scripture: He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught (Isaiah 50:4).

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