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Christmas in July:The present of His Presence

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight. (Proverbs 3:5,6)


My ears were burning.

I got up from my knees after praying to hear His voice, and my ears were burning! I was so excited! I had just prayed in faith for the Holy Spirit to fill me and use me. What amazing words of guidance and wisdom would my burning ears here next?

A very small voice, almost a whisper, danced through my mind. “Go down stairs and get the clothes out of the dryer.”

“Really? Okay….” I marched down the stairs to the laundry room to get those clothes. After they were folded the voice continued, “Go get dinner started.”

“Okay…” I replied, and up the stairs I went to make spaghetti.

And that is how the Lord first spoke to me. The earth didn’t shake. I didn’t change the world or lead enslaved people to freedom that day, but somehow I knew that He was speaking. Somehow I knew that I had to trust Him in the small things before He would give me the big things, but I also knew that He was a part of me. He wanted to be present in all of my day- the monotonous and the great.

It’s been 15 years since that day on my knees, and for 15 years I’ve prayed to be open to His leading. I’ve tried to “acknowledge Him in all my ways” from chores to writing a Bible study to writing this blog. And I have to tell you that what I’ve found as I’ve practiced this habit is that I’ve noticed the gift of His Presence.

He is so present with us. Sometimes we miss His Presence because we are looking for Him in the BIG things. But God is in the seemingly insignificant too. He wants to be a part of our everyday. But He doesn’t force Himself on us. He waits for us to look for Him in faith.

Have you ever been searching for your keys or something lost in your house and you’ve prayed for God to help you find it? I often pray for His grace when I’ve lost something. (Which is at least once a day.) Time and time He never fails. A picture comes to my mind of the place where the lost item is, and a few steps to that place verifies that He is with me. He showed me. It is there. God doesn’t need words to speak to us. Sometimes He speaks in visions.

These examples seem trivial I know. But His Presence throughout our day is the very best gift we could ever have. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge His Presence, and He will make your paths straight. He’ll show you the way.” (Proverbs 3:5-6 Lee version.)

chairs painting

There have been hard seasons when I couldn’t feel Him. I’ve been pondering that too and hope to write about it soon. There was a July 3 years ago when He seemed to be aloof– missing in action. But this July He keeps on telling me that His Presence is with us. Not just me. He is with us. And when we begin to recognize His Presence, it’s like Christmas in July. You don’t have to wait until December for this present. He is the best gift ever. Better than any other blessing He could give us. The blessing of Him.

How have you experienced the gift of His Presence? Your stories encourage others…and me.

Much grace,



Come back Friday for a “to-die-for” buttermilk pancake recipe. I found it while trying to find ways to use the buttermilk I bought for the Mississippi Mud Cake! Better than I-Hop.



  1. diane

    Today was a typical Monday at work. I so dread that time on Monday when the alarm rings and it’s out of bed and getting ready for work. My brain starts going a mile a minute wondering what is going to happen today, will the doctor be in a good mood, what will I be blamed for today?
    This morning while I was doing my devotions, I saw a quote by Joni Erickson that said, her greatest desire was to offer “a praise that is pure.” While I was pondering that and asking God to go before me, I started just giving Him praise and thinking about Him.
    Work was a typical crazy Monday morning but as the day wore on, I could feel God’s presence and just kept thanking Him for letting me feel Him with me. He did say that he would never leave us for forsake us.
    How clearly we hear or feel His presence when we just praise Him in our hearts when those days are rough.
    Thank you Father.

    1. That’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. He does promise to live in the center of our praises! Love it! Thanks Diane!

  2. Mary Ann Metz

    Bob and I decided to take July as a vacation month. Not to do anything special, but to just enjoy camp since his knee is healing so well. So, I decided that I would attend church in Ossipee where the camp is located. Sunday morning came around and I tossed and turned debating whether or not to get up and go to church. It is soooo easy to brush off church when you are on “vacation”. Anyhow, I clearly heard in my mind, God saying to me, “GET OUT OF BED AND GO TO CHURCH.” I got up, quickly washed and dressed and headed to the church down the street. God was so right (as usual LOL). The message was good, the preaching was good, the morning was awesome thanks to God getting me out of bed.

    1. I know you hear Him! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Love you!

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