Being Faithful in an Unfaithful World

I’m so sad. As I researched to prepare for this article about the Holy Spirit Fruit of faithfulness,  I discovered that another celebrity pastor was accused of sexual misconduct. Another. Just search Google for “faithfulness articles” and you can read it too. It’s an article in Christianity Today about pastor Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Church. Faithfulness is an attribute …

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How often does my vision get in the way of God’s solution?

    You’ve wracked your brain trying to think of a solution, and despite your brilliance, there is none. No way out. No hope. Sigh. Cry. “What are we gonna do?” you asked. Oh, I’ve been there. I’ve struggled so hard  to find a way through a problem that my head literally hurt. And at that point, exhausted and frustrated, …

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How to respond to those who don’t believe

Do you live in a Christian bubble? I do. That’s not necessarily a good thing. My close friends are believers. I write about God all the time. I teach Bible studies, and I work for a Christian writing group. I live in the South! That speaks for itself. There’s a church on every corner. But God has given me the opportunity …

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