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Someday We Won’t Have to Say the “g” Word

“At this they wept again. Then Orpah kissed her mother-in-law goodbye, but Ruth clung to her.” ~Ruth 1: 14 A dear friend posted on Facebook the other day about missing her dad. It was the 5th anniversary of his death. I easily related to her post. My sister died of cancer 3 years ago and my mother 5. Saying goodbye …

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Waiting is not Fun, but it is Vital

You’ve heard the call. You hold the dream. And…..nothing. Doors seem to be locked shut. What do you do? You wait. You do the things you know He has placed in front of you to do for today even if those things seem trivial or totally unrelated to the call. And you wait. Waiting on God is vital in order to see …

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On my walking route in our neighborhood, there is a path that goes through a wooded area and opens up to two man-made ponds. I love walking around the ponds because there is always something fun to see. Last year I watched a family of ducks grow up before my eyes. Mom would take the babies to swim lessons while …

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