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On my walking route in our neighborhood, there is a path that goes through a wooded area and opens up to two man-made ponds. I love walking around the ponds because there is always something fun to see. Last year I watched a family of ducks grow up before my eyes. Mom would take the babies to swim lessons while dad would guard the water. He never was too happy to see me when I stopped to watch their family. Once in awhile you could see the whole family (mom, dad, and 3 furry ducklings) waddle across the road.

Yesterday it wasn’t a family of ducks that got my attention but the perfect stillness of the water. There was no wind yesterday (which is a rare occasion here on the Carolina Coast) and only one little duck trying to find breakfast. The small ripples his wake produced didn’t affect the perfect mirrored image of the sky and trees surrounding the waters. I stopped. The image on the water was the exact image of the reality of the trees. The sky in the pond was the same blue as the one above my head. I had never seen these waters so still and calm. It were as if the water had turned to glass.

I felt a tug in my spirit, and I knew that this is what I want my heart to look like. I want a heart at such peace that my life reflects the image of it’s creator. That was how I was created. (In His image.) But I know I’m far from reflecting a mirrored image of the One who Loves me.

I thought it interesting that the small ripples produced by the life under the water and the small duck on top didn’t mess up the masterpiece. The small things couldn’t disturb the whole picture.

Is it possible to be that kind of reflection of Jesus all the time? If we were, would the beauty of that peace allure others to us? Would it open doors for us to share the good news of Christ?

Yes. Yes. Yes!

How do we get it? What do you do to find such peace?

Much love,


…and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Phil. 4:7

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