Not Alone: My New Walking Buddy

I am a people person, and in the past I really didn’t like being alone. I didn’t like to shop, eat at restaurants, or exercise alone. But I’ve learned through the years that being alone is a big part of growing up–at least it has been in my life. I remember how shocked and hurt I was the first year of marriage … Continue reading “Not Alone: My New Walking Buddy”

Exercise is not Just for the Body

It’s not very spiritual and yet  this is one of the most important spiritual things you can do. Exercise. Our mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and when one is not being nurtured, the others are affected. So, taking care of our bodies is critical to our emotional and spiritual health and thus our ministry … Continue reading “Exercise is not Just for the Body”

Mind, Body, and Soul

It’s that time of year again. I always feel sluggish and (there is no better word for it)…fat. I know, I know, I know. I shouldn’t say that word, but when my buttons don’t close on my jeans without discomfort, it is reality. Last night my dear husband proclaimed (again) that he no longer wants … Continue reading “Mind, Body, and Soul”

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