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Bite of Bread: Who was Jesus? (Preparing for Christmas)

Bite of Bread Who was Jesus

My prayer for us,

“Dear Lord, thank you for coming. Thank you for stuffing all your glory into a little baby–a baby boy born to save the world. It’s really beyond our understanding. But I pray that by your grace we will be given deeper insight with each “Bite” this week. Help us understand who your son, Jesus, was and is. Slow us down. Breathe into us as we read and meditate on John’s words. I pray you’ll wake us up early, or give us some quiet time during the day or before we turn out the light at night to read these scriptures. I pray this Christmas will be different. Amen.”



Light a candle, pour something hot to drink, and curl up with your journal and Bible. I’m reading with you. Join me on Periscope each morning around 8:30 ET and join our conversation on our Fellowship page. I would love to hear your thoughts about these verses.





AND. . . the winner of the giveaway of a copy of The Book of Ruth Key Word Bible Study is Janice Bordeaux! Congratulations Janice!





  1. Janice

    Trying to remove s off books… Discussing one book at this time.. Oh, me!

    1. I got it. :) Love you Janice!

  2. Janice

    I am beyond thankful for this precious gift!!! Please note to your readers that your book relates to ALL ages…our study group consists of young ladies to great grands… Love you, Andy Lee, author to women & men struggling to follow God’s will.. One day at a time!

    1. So excited you won! I’ll get it to you when I get a copy! Hoping they are released this week. :)

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