Fighting the Soul Shadows and a Giveaway

Fighting the Soul Shadows

Sometimes darkness sneaks inside my spirit. It circles my brain like a cloud of smoke, pours through my thoughts, and settles inside the crevices of my humanity.

The darkness threatens my joy.

It sucks the energy out of me.

And it leads me to the pantry in search of potato chips.

[tweetability]Yet the darkness can only live in me as long as I agree with its negativity and follow its cravings.[/tweetability]

But Jesus.

The darkness does not live inside of me. Jesus does. And He is the LIGHT.

The joy of the holidays is not experienced by all, and I would dare to guess that ninety-eight percent of us experience a few soul shadows (depression) during this season and throughout the year.

Grief haunts some of us as we try to celebrate without a loved one this year or for the twentieth year. A hole in our heart remains for his or her presence. Some of us grieve health. Some grieve lost dreams. While others fight the battle of loneliness.

And some of us are just simply overwhelmed. The demands of life and the extras of Christmas darken our spirits rather than make them shiny.

Whether you are among the two percent who experience joy all through December or you can relate to the soul shadows, I hope that awareness of depression during the holidays will help us help others and overcome the darkness. We are not alone.

Let your light shine my friends. Blow away the dark clouds with His Truth.

The light shines


I’m so thankful for the birth of the Light of the World.

If you struggle with soul shadows threatening your joy this Christmas, journal them.

  • Deposit the shadows on the blank pages. Ask God to change your thoughts.
  • Ask the Lord to give you a scripture to counter the darkness. (This may take awhile as you prayerfully search through your Bible.) Write it down. 
  • Write a prayer of thanksgiving for that Truth you recorded.
  •  Close your journal and walk away knowing that He’s got your darkness. It no longer lives in you. His Word does.


Leather journal

I know not everyone is a fan of journaling. But I know how much it helps me. There’s power in writing down the scriptures He gives you. There’s something about giving Him all our worries and sadness in ink. And because I feel so strongly about this practice, I am giving away three beautiful leather journals. 

How to enter the giveaway:

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I am thankful for you. And love ya’ll. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share my heart with you.


Jesus loves you,






  1. My journal arrived! Thank you so much, Andy. It is beautiful and begging to be written in.

  2. Nancy

    I found out about this from Jeanne Doyons Blog
    Im trying to do journaling but I struggle ,I have anxiety disorder and other stuff ,sometimes I dont want to write about the pain ,but other times i write about it for progress,just depends i guess at times i do topic search in my Bible and write scripture out on notebook paper

    1. Hi Nancy! So glad you found us from Jeanne’s site. She’s a sweet writing buddy of mine. Thanks for leaving a comment. I’ll be praying for you. Hold onto those scriptures that the Lord gives you. You are entered into the giveaway!

  3. Anna Gregory

    I shared this with my junior church kids. I hate our basement, actually almost any basement. I read a story of a child in a basement years ago. Suffice it to say it gave me nightmares. And yes I know Jesus is the Lord of light. Every time I go to the basement. I take him with me. It seems a foolish thing, but God does not laugh at my fears of darkness. He walks with me and helps me overcome. For that I give him praise.

    1. Hey Anna! How much fun that you shared this with the kids you teach. I hope it was helpful for them. I totally get the thing about basements. Some are really freaky. We didn’t consider buying a house once simply because the basement was so scary! Blessings! You’re entered. 😊

  4. Cammie

    Andy, I know it’s sad but have never done much journaling. I would love to start though and know it would be very helpful in my walk.

    You have truly been a blessing in my life and such a joy to be around.
    Thank you for all of your hard work!

    1. I’m glad you’re in my life too, Cammie! I’m excited for you to start journaling! Thanks for stopping by and subscribing. You’re entered!

  5. Andy, Another wonderful post that is a must print for my notebook of reminders.

    1. Awww… That’s cool! Thanks Bonnie. You’re entered. 😊

  6. Samantha

    Yes please!!

    1. 😊 gotcha Samantha! You’re entered.

  7. Thank you for this post
    Andy, for sharing your heart. You have struck a cord with me today. Journaling now. It helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings. Really fighting the dark shadows. Hadn’t thought about it before reading this, but yes, I am seriously grieving the loss of my health…and hate being so overwhelmed with “anything extra”! It does threaten my joy…even though I don’t want it to, because the fatigue is so intense at times I feel like not just energy, but the very life is being sucked out of me! I can live with less shopping, less decorating, etc. But what is hard is the loss of fellowship. The inability to attend a concert or gathering. Unable to bake like I used to and share with the mail girl and neighbors, or bake with my grandbabies and not stress out over the mess! Desperately want to honor God with a thankful and joyful heart…yet pleading with Him today to restore my health. Not even sure that’s really right. I just want to BE the blessing again…and be involved. Maybe I just need to pray for Jesus’ Light to blind me today so I see nothing else but Him!!! Sharing your post because I have friends and family that have recently lost loved ones. I’m sure it will help them. Love you Andy! Thank you for touching my heart. <3

    1. Oh Debbie! My heart goes out to you. I will pray for healing but also for Him to show you how He wants to use you as a blessing in this new season. I have NO doubt you are blessing those around you. NO doubt. I love the prayer for the light to blind us to everything but Him. Thank you for sharing the post. I pray it helps many. Much love! You’re entered into the giveaway!

      1. Thank you Andy…for the entry, but also your encouraging words…and prayer! I SO would love to chat with you over a couple cups of coffee! Love ya :)

  8. Mary Dougherty

    Andy – Catherine and I love to write our thoughts out. Blessings to you for your bites of bread.

    1. Hi Mary! I love the thought of you and Catherine journaling. I can’t imagine her so grown up! I still see her as a two year old. :) Thanks for stopping by. You are entered into the giveaway. Blessings!

  9. annette

    I love journaling. It lets me see where I’ve been & where I am going.

    I love to go back a year (or 2 or 3…) when I need a reminder of how faithful God is!

    1. It is so good to look back and see what God has done! I love that too, Annette! Thanks for stopping by. You’re entered!

  10. Kristin Mason

    So good to know that we’re not alone :-)

    1. It really does take the sting out of the darkness when we know we’re not the only ones, doesn’t it Kristin?! I’m so glad this helps. I’ve entered you into the giveaway for a journal!

  11. Merry Christmas! I used to journal but I have kind of gotten away from it. Reignited me to start again!

    1. Merry Christmas, Kathy! I’m so glad this reignited the passion to journal! Much love. You’re entered. :)

  12. Good news and message, Andy. I have subscribed (is this a different site for you?) and liked your page. Shared on my timeline too

    Blessings, my friend!

    1. Hey Jeanne! This isn’t a new site, but thank you for being a subscriber and liking the FB page and sharing this post! Thank you for being such a sweet encourager. You are entered!

  13. Ellen Casey

    Always a blessing.

    1. Right back at you, Ellen! Always. Much love. You’re entered into the giveaway. :)

  14. Janice

    Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Janice! You’re entered into the giveaway! Many blessings to you, my friend.

  15. Joy Benson

    I love your devotionals so much I share them with my bible study group. Thank you

    1. Thank you, Joy! I’m so excited you’re sharing them with your group. Blessings to you! You’re entered for the giveaway!

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