Bite of Bread

Bite of Bread: Reading for Easter Week 2015/ Sure of Jesus



World events escalate and rumors of end-times intertwine within conversations and thoughts as we watch the news. “We’re closer than we’ve ever been,” we mumble.

Of course we are. Each year we creep closer.

I remember when 1984 was supposed to be the end of the world. At least that was as far as George Orwell’s mind dreamed into the future.


Do you remember the turn of the millennium, when it rolled around from 1999 to 2000 and the world braced for computer systems to shut down, power outages, and possibly the end of the world again?

The world is still rotating. The sun faithfully comes up everyday and we find ourselves celebrating another Easter, or Resurrection Sunday over two thousand years after Jesus died for us. It’s amazing to me and points to the relevancy and truth of Jesus.

No other person’s birth and death is recognized with the magnitude of Jesus’s life. No other life causes such controversy nor does any name offend or stir as the name “Jesus”.

Buddha doesn’t.




His name is used flippantly and profanely like no other name.


His name has power and authority to heal, bring hope, and save. No other name does that.

This week’s Bites of biblical nourishment take us to the hours before His arrest through His time on the Cross, and to His resurrection. There is no life worth studying more than His. There is no celebration more promising than Resurrection Sunday. It is the reason for our hope.

It’s so easy to rush it through like all other holidays. But I pray that this year, we might ponder, chew, and digest this sacrifice, this feat, this truth like never before and come away a little bit changed.

Never to be the same.

Fearless for the future and sure of Jesus.

Bite of Bread for Easter Week

I’m reading with you. Join me on our Facebook Fellowship page. Andy Lee (Author).

What amazes you about Jesus?

With purpose beyond today pointing us to Him,


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  1. […] I’ve needed to read them all together. Which has proven a deeper, longer time with the Lord each day. And so I wanted to suggest that to those of you who want more than a “bite” during your quiet time. Read all seven scriptures for seven days. […]

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