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Bite of Bread: Romans 12:14-21 and a Challenge!

Bite of Bread Romans Peaceful living



Have you enjoyed reading Romans 12 bite by bite?

There’s just something about chewing on one or two verses at a time, though there are days when I have to read the verses around them too.bread

I’m super excited about this week’s Bite of Bread. I have no doubt you’ll discover nourishment for your soul. Some of the verses are challenging, but the rewards of peace follow their instruction.

How different the world would look if we lived by these rules that Paul gives! And in the same way how differently I feel when I take time to intentionally study the Bible daily if only a bite.



I admit that though I do spend some time with the Lord in the morning in one shape or fashion, sometimes simply sitting on the couch in silence and drinking coffee with Jesus, and almost always on my knees for a few minutes as I roll out of bed, I don’t always take time to find a candle and the lighter, grab my journal, Bible and pen, and sit down at the table during my quiet time. But when I do. . . (cue angel choir).

I’m always so glad I did.

How about you? How do you like to spend time with God? When do you get the most out of your time reading the BoB? 

Are you up for a challenge? Add five minutes to your time reading the Bite of Bread and journal every day this week. Rachel Wojo has a great article about keeping a prayer journal. 

I’m taking the challenge too!


Jesus loves you,





  1. Great post, Andy! What a blessing to visit with you today! Peace and many blessings to you, Love! :-)

    1. Hey Tai! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings to you too!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my article! Love your bite by bite series! Very cool way to get in God’s Word and “digest” a little at a time. :)

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note! So glad to share your article and your ministry with others. Keep on keepin’ on! I’ll visit you soon (on the web!)

  3. Kim Michele

    Maybe I got it? Perhaps I was using old blog? Im not sure….
    God Bless.

    1. You did! thanks for reading and commenting!

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