Bite of Bread, Identity

Bite of Bread: Identity, Finding Your True Self


I believe very few of us walk in our true identity everyday.

Rather than who we are in Christ, we let the mirror be our judge or our circumstances or the scale. When we were kids we found our identity in how others treated us, our grades, or whether or not our daddy told us we were pretty.

Hollywood tells me what I should look like.

Culture tells me I should’ve been a CEO rather than a stay-at-home mom.

And the enemy of my heart likes to place the most negative thoughts in my head. He wants me to keep focused on ME. Because he knows if I’m focused on my problems and failings, I’ll not claim my identity as a believer in Christ.

Who are we in Christ anyway? What does that mean?

I’m so glad you asked!

The Bible reading plan this week will help us discover our true identity– the one we have as Jesus believers.

Do you struggle with your identity or stinkin thinkin? Take these verses to heart. Write them out on note cards and put them all over your house, car, work, wherever you need to remember who you are. Pray about them and ask God to help you understand their reality.

I’m reading with you. I need these too! Thank you so much for holding me up in prayer last week. I literally felt those prayers! I’m so thankful for you.

In Christ,




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