Bite of Bread: Feeding Your Mind Good Stuff for a Healthier You


You know what they say.

“You are what you eat.”

If that is true, I’m afraid I would be a Mcdouble-cheese enchilada as I write this post. That was lunch and dinner. I usually don’t eat that badly, but I do have my days.

Last night I roasted some butternut squash to offset the pizza I picked up for supper. I think it actually worked. I didn’t feel as yucky as I normally do after a pizza binge.

But I also baked a chocolate pie for my birthday. Sometimes you just get hungry for yesterday. Memories of grandma’s sweets of birthdays past.

FullSizeRender (2)
My best chocolate pie ever! Filled with protein (and sugar).



Anyway, it’s a new week to start healthier eating and for many of us, fasting. Our church launches a three week fast. I’m excited.

For the next twenty-one days I will be fasting my lunch and replacing my tuna sandwich with a Bible reading plan. Sweets like Mamaw’s chocolate pie won’t be on my menu nor pizza or McDonalds.

What about you? Would you like to join me on a 21 day fast? If you want to know more click here. 

We are what we eat, but we also are what we put into our minds. Negativity and worry can darken our spirits and harm us physically. Bodies weaken and succumb to illness after years of stress.

That’s why we need to spend time reading the Bible. [tweetability]Scripture nourishes our souls and focuses our minds on hope, truth, and promises of God.[/tweetability]

This week’s Bite of Bread is simple, but I think you’ll find it encouraging and filling as we read about faith, God’s Presence, praise, confidence and focus.

Grab your journal and jot down the plan above. I’ll be reading with you.

Would you like to fast with me? If so, leave a comment. I would love to be praying for you.






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  1. JanetMitchell

    Dear Andy,

    I’m always getting instructions wrong. I started fasting last Monday. “no freecell for 21 days.” It’s hard, because it was always where I went once I am on the computer for any reason. It’s been hard, breaking the habit. Looking forward to seeing all on Wed. will enjoy reading ” Bite of Bread with you.”

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