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Bite of Bread: Daily Grace

Daily Grace

Grace. I love that word. I often need that word. 

I need grace for the person in the car in front of me who is not moving five seconds after the stoplight turns green.I need it a lot when I’m driving. :) Who knows, the other people on the road may need it because of me!

My life also required a lot of grace when my kids were tiny. Lord have mercy, were those trying days!

But I also need it every day for my own mistakes–that gift of favor. That gift of mercy. I’m so thankful for it.

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It’s a gift with many layers, and I am so excited about studying it this week, digging into this slippery thing that is so hard to grasp and yet so easy as the same time.

bite of bread of Grace

Jot these amazing verses into a journal, print the entire page using the print button at the top, (it’s with the sharing buttons), or take a screen shot. Join me every day at 8:20 ET on Periscope to dig into this important precept of our faith, this gift that empowers and forgives. This gift that transforms us and grants us the right to be children of God.

Remember my friends, Jesus loves you.




PS. I plan on posting on regular schedule this week! Thank you for your grace! :)

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