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Bite of Bread Bible Reading Plan: Strengthen Your Faith

My dad played a big role in my faith.

It wasn’t because he was a strong man of God. It wasn’t because he prayed like the great saints. It wasn’t because he directed the choir of our tiny Methodist church and sang Because He Lives every Easter.

My faith is actually stronger today because somewhere through the years, my dad changed his view on faith. He stopped believing as I did, and he questioned why I believed.

Countless debates were held on summer nights under the stars. Countless.

I never won.

Yet, I have wonderful memories of time spent with him on summer nights when I was in elementary school. We’d talk about the stars as we sat in lawn chairs in our back yard all cleaned up and ready for bed after a hard days work and play.

I loved sitting outside at night in my pajamas. We’d drink iced cold Coca Cola and share sardines on crackers. (I know…disgusting and why did my mom let me have soda at night!) The smell of fresh cut wheat danced in the summer breeze while we hunted for the Big Dipper and other constellations.

Those were sweet days. And though our relationship has changed drastically since I grew up and began my own family, he’s still my dad. And even though we no longer share the same Christian faith, and the debates through the years almost took me away–they made me stronger.

Thanks Dad.


Join me this week as we read through the first chapter of 2 Peter. It’s all about strengthening our faith and standing firm in the Truth.

I’ll be reading with you. It starts Monday.


Bite of Bread June 16-22 Strengthening your faith

Grab your journal, light a candle, pour some coffee and come spend time with Peter and your Heavenly Father.

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With Joy,


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