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Bite of Bread Bible Reading Plan: Protection through the Storms of Life



Stormy Texas Sky Psalm 34
“Stormy Texas Sky” photo by Shane Calhoun


I grew up in tornado alley. Our tiny Oklahoma town was sprinkled with storm sirens which also served as alerts for the volunteer firefighters of our community. I hated the sound of those sirens and the fear they always stirred up in my spirit. When I was young, I’d lay in bed on spring and summer nights counting rotations, four signaled fire, five tornadoes. If the siren blew five times we needed to find shelter, and I was running or screaming for my daddy to come get me.

Though the storms were a frequent experience and frightening, the stormy skies proclaimed beauty and power reminding me of my need to rely on a much higher power than me.

Are you going through any storms right now?

Do you need to know there is a place of safety and refuge–or at least be reminded of Him?

The Bite of Bread is camped in the Psalms this week. You won’t need to do a bunch of page turning.

Each verse promises God’s love, presence, and protection. Turn them into prayers in your journal if a storm is brewing. Even if your days are calm and good, you’ll enjoy the peace these words of promise bring. Tuck them away for future reference.

Let your heart sink into them.

Bite of Bread (July 7-13)


I’m reading with you! I’d love for you to post on my Facebook page Andy Lee (Author) if a verse speaks to you one day. I post my thoughts from time to time on the page too.

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