Bite of Bread: Bible Reading Plan on Rest


Are you tired?

Is life way too busy?

Are problems mounting and solutions scarce?


Come rest.

You can’t do it all alone, nor can you fix all the problems.

Spend time “resting” with these promises and truths every day.

Spending silent, restful time with Him will fill you up like nothing else. Even chocolate can’t compare, or shopping, or a walk on the beach (even though that comes close.)

Grab your journal and Bible, pour that coffee and light that candle. It’s time to sit with the One who has the answers, the One who made us, the One who gave us a Savior, a Redeemer, who works everything for good for those who love Him. Do you love Him? Can you rest in Him today? Just today. We’ll take it one day at a time.


We’re trying something new this week. My Daily Broadcast will be on Facebook Live on my Andy Lee (Author) page. I’ll go live around 8:20 ET. Hopefully, if you’ve liked the page, you’ll get a notification. If not, if you go to the page, you should be able to see me talking.

May I pray us up this week? I feel like I need it, and you might too. Grab my hand.

“Dear Lord, so many of us are weary. Life is busy and good and hard all at once. Our culture tells us we need to productive and successful, but what do you tell us? What do you want from us this week? What do you want today? Lord, I pray that we would find freedom this week as we study resting. I pray we will have a mind shift when it comes down to our schedule and worries. We lay everything at your feet. Help us rest in you and your Word. Jesus is the ultimate reality that you’ve got us. We worship you. Amen.”

Last Wednesday I wrote a prayer and ask my readers to continue my prayer in their comments. Those were such beautiful petitions. If you haven’t read them, I encourage you to go back to that post. Read the comments. You’ll be blessed. It was called: A Group Prayer: Add Yours Please. 


Digging Deep,



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