A Group Prayer: Add Yours Please

I always try to wait on the Lord before I post anything–even if it is an oldie but goodie.

Today and tonight as I sought His choice for your encouragement, He’s continued to tell me to write a prayer. I’ve told Him that seems too simple, but He continues to lay this on my heart, so here it goes. Grab my hand.

Oh Jesus,

My heart is broken. So many good things swirl around me, but there are so many hurting and suffering in this world. Please call the waters to recede for those flooded from the hurricane. And Lord, please provide help to the people of Haiti. They have suffered so much. I pray for the spirits of darkness to be broken over that land and the light of Your Spirit to shine out the powers of evil oppressing those people. And Lord, I lift up our country that seems so lost, declining morally every day. The political state is a mess, Lord. We need your hand! We need your intervention. Oh, Lord, intervene in this presidential election.

Our only hope is you. We do wait on you. Your power, goodness, kindness, justice, judgement, and grace. I pray for each pair of eyes reading this prayer, and each heart that beats in front of the screen, that you oh Lord would be their Almighty. May they know Your Spirit and Heart. Let us lean on You with our ear up against your heartbeat. May ours beat with the same rhythm and wisdom and love–chessed love–that of kindness and mercy bound by a covenant–as Yours does.

Help us trust you as we wait. Don’t let us do anything without Your nod.


So, that’s the start, but He’s nudging me to ask you to add on to the prayer.

I’d love for you to add onto the prayer by leaving a comment. This way, we are praying together even though we’re miles apart. I’m holding your hand. What’s on your heart to pray?


Digging Deep,




  1. Barb on October 17, 2016

    Dear Heavenly Father, I, too, echo Andy’s prayer for Haiti and for all those who have become victims of Hurricane Matthew. I praise you for using your people to meet the lifesaving needs of those afflicted. I pray that support for organizations like Samaritan’s Purse would be overwhelming in this time of need. Thank you, Lord, that you continue to bless our nation, for your mercy draws us close even when we don’t deserve it. You are sovereign over all things and I step out in faith to vote in the upcoming election trusting your path for our country. I praise and thank you for the youth of our nation who have the courage to stand up for righteousness in Christ. May they lead well through their walk with you to shepherd according to your will. In Jesus, our hope of glory.

  2. Venus Schrader

    Precious Heavenly Father
    Thank you for binding our hearts together in this time of need.
    Bless, protect and provide for all those in need. Spiritually mentally and financially.
    So many lives have been broken and schattered as they wait with uncertainty of what will happen next. God I pray that you will comfort and protect their hearts and minds. Give them a supernatural peace. As you use other to serve them and love on them for such a time as this. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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  4. Cindy Payne

    Father, God
    There is so much that we don’t understand about life, about tragedies. So much confusion and anger. Even so Lord you still shelter us under your wing. You know all that will happen to us, with us, and through us. May we, as followers of Christ, lean on His strength, draw hope from His courage and share His peace even in the turmoil.

  5. Thank You Lord for this prayer chain, and for Andy providing this place to come together. We praise You, and appreciate Your unfailing love and mercy. Please Lord, comfort the people of Haiti, and all of those suffering because of the hurricane, flooding and fallout from this. Please give our leaders wisdom to give the most help possible where it is needed most. Bless the Red Cross and many other efforts to give & serve. Please wrap your loving arms around the sad & hurting and out is in the path of those you want us to serve & love, as Jesus would love. Thank you God for all of our blessings, help us share them…In Your Son’s Name we pray, Amen

    1. oops I meant “put us in the path…”

  6. pat haley

    Thank you Father for a sister who prays for You to be my Almighty!- for my heartbeat to be in rhythm with yours.To the Giver of every good and perfect gift thanks be to you for your goodness poured out on us when we aren’t even aware of it. May your Kingdom rule in our hearts as we live in a kingdom that has lost it’s way and is ever increasing in darkness. May your will be done in our hearts as we look to You the One and Only True and Fair and Just Ruler Will you abase all who are proud- will you expose all corruption in our land and cause hearts to look to You – the only One Who can deliver us. In the name of Jesus, we ask for your glory to be seen.

  7. Heather

    Sweet Jesus, please send a special peace to cover those that have lost or are missing loved ones. Give grace and mercy to those who are desperately working to restore power and open up roads. Grant patience and understanding to everyone as they wait for relief workers and construction crews to accomplish the enormous tasks set before them. God, we love you and worship you and know that no matter what you hold us in your hands. Draw the lost and hurting into your arms as they trudge through this disaster. And Lord, help our leaders to see beyond their selfish, petty desires and view this country’s wounded and hurting people with compassion and love, Your Love. In Your Most Precious Holy Name, I pray!

  8. Lord, my heart echoes Andy’s prayer. You are the helper of the poor and needy. Let your love and mercy be poured out in Haiti and let your Word go forth to that country through the loving deeds of Christian releif organizations. We also pray for those in South & North Carolina who have suffered great loss. Let the rivers recede quickly.
    Lord, America surely deserves your judgment but in judgement remember mercy. Cause us to return to you. We have rejected you as our King and have sought a king to rule us as we see fit. We have pushed you out of our government, schools, public places. Forgive us, Lord. Hear the cries of your people. Send revival to our nation. Awaken your Church to cry out to you and break off the spirit of apathy. You are our only hope.

  9. Janice

    Heavenly Father, please give your protection for family of so many of my friends. Pray for peace only You can give as they are forced to leave their homes and animals as the water continues to rise. Father, thanking you for loving mercy.

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