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Bite of Bread: Bible Reading Plan for Living this Life of Faith

If you were to define faith in your own words, how would you describe it?

What is faith to you? Is it accomplished with the mind alone or does faith include more than brainwaves? What encourages or stirs up your faith?

[tweetability]I find that my faith grows as I live it.[/tweetability]


I’m stirred when I share my faith with you. I’m encouraged when I help someone in need. My faith grows as I pray. And nothing deepens my assurance than when I dig into the living, breathing Bible past our language to the ancient words.


The Bible has survived for thousands of years and is the bestselling nonfiction book of all times according to the Guinness Book of records. That’s got to tell us something about it.

The author of Hebrews penned the definition of faith beautifully.

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”   (Hebrews 11:1)


Heb 11 beach and pier kure

The verses on the Bite of Bread this week are all about faith and living out our faith.

It requires more than will power.

But nothing required is burdensome. The actions required just gives purpose to this thing called faith as we walk it out. And thankfully, the Holy Spirit assists us along the way.

I’m looking forward to reading and journaling with you every day.

Let’s share our thoughts about these verses on my Facebook page. I’d love to chat with you this week just as many of us did last week during the contest. I’m not giving anything away the next seven days, just my heart.

[tweetability]May our faith be stirred, deepened, and sweetened. May we live in such a way that others want to taste it.[/tweetability]



Bite of Bread (July 20-27) Living this life of faith


With Joy,




  1. Kathy Quigley

    Receiving your heart is much more precious than whatever material thing you give away!

    1. Awww….thanks Kathy!

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