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Bite of Bread Bible Reading Plan for Gray Days

Winter branch

Sometimes January ushers in post holiday blues. It’s the let down after all the busyness. We pack the lights and decorations away, spray Pledge, vacuum, and restore our home back to it’s norm. (I have to brag on my three grown children who helped me do this in an hour! It normally takes me two days. I’ve just never asked them to help before–that’s another blog post–that whole asking thing.)

For some reason, when I get the Christmas stuff put away I feel like spring is right around the corner. But it isn’t. And January is often a long, rainy or snowy or gray month.

So . . . I was thinking maybe it would be good to have a Bite of Bread for those gray days.

Hopefully these scriptures will lift your spirits and also continue to cement His love for us that we talked about and read about last week. 

[tweetability]We will change the world when we know He loves us.[/tweetability]


[tweetability]We can change our piece of our world when we sunny up gray days.[/tweetability]

Bite of Bread for Gray days jan. 2015

Grab your journal. Jot these down. Then enjoy chewing on each morsel of promise every day.

May I pray? Okay. Grab my hand.

“Jesus, thank you for a new year. It’s time for us to go back to work and school, Some of us feel as gray as the clouds threatening precipitation. Some of us are already tired of the cold. Please strengthen us and encourage us with your Words. We know spring is coming, but we have some gray days to endure. Fill us with your love and joy that brightens our day which we can in turn give to others. We love you. Amen.”

I’ll see you Wednesday! (And on our fellowship page.)




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