As I’m trying to practice what I preach and pray with expectation and thanksgiving, I’ve struggled turning my words around the moment the petition has left my lips to say “thank you for answering this just as I’ve asked.” I know some of you are struggling with this too. We know God does not always give us exactly what we want just like we don’t give our kids a new toy every time they ask for it. But then I read Scripture like this:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24).

Wow. That’s a good one. (Thanks Lauren!)

I’m finding that after I pray, if I give thanks for His answer with a promise attached to it, I don’t feel so uncomfortable thanking Him ahead of time.

If you are struggling with this challenge as I am, ask the Lord of Hosts for Scriptures pertaining to your request. For example:

If you are asking for a new pair of jeans, remember Matt. 6:30. (He will clothe us.)

If your family is struggling financially, remember Psalm 37:25-26 (He will feed the children of the righteous.)

If you are praying for healing, remember Isaiah 53:4. He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases.

Claim His Word and cry out His name. He has many names revealing His character and power. These are just a few. I found them in a book I’ve had for a long time entitled Praying the Names of God, by Ann Spangler.

God is:

The God Who sees me- El Roi (EL-raw-EE)
The Lord will provide- Yahweh Yireh (yah-WEH yir-EH)
The Lord who heals- Yahweh Rophe (yah-WEH ro-FEH)
The Lord of peace- Yahweh Shalom (yah-WEH sha-LOME)
The Lord is my Shepherd- Yahweh Roi (yah-WEH row-EE)

You are not invisible to El-Roi.
Yahweh Yireh will provide.
Yahweh Rophe heals.
Yahweh Shalom gives peace. He is peace.
Yahweh Roi will give you direction, guidance, protection.

In the past I’ve prayed with all of my strength only to be exhausted and disappointed.

No more.

Rather than trying to do it on my own, when I pray, I’m visualizing climbing into His arms and being held as I give Him my petitions and thanks. I wonder if He has a name for The God Who holds me?

Much faith,


  1. Vickie Martin

    This way of praying and visualizing Jesus helps me to feel connected. I was taught this technique a few months ago and it has worked for me. I visualize myself in my favorite room. Jesus and I are sitting at a small table. Sometimes he is holding and comforting me, other times he is holding my hands or I am at his feet praying. Laying my head on his shoulder while he is holding me in his arms is comforting beyond belief. I know he is there with me. I can see him and feel him. It just doesn’t get any better than having such a personal experience with Jesus.


    1. I love what you envision as you pray. There’s nothing quite like feeling His Presence. Thank you for reading and sharing, Vickie!

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