30 Day Challenge LOUD

Two days ago I gave a challenge to pray expectantly with thanksgiving for His good and perfect answers. Several of you took me up on it. If you could see me, you would see the pom-poms in my hands cheering you on through this challenge. (Okay, well, maybe I really don’t have pom-poms anymore, but I used to, and they are still definitely part of my personality.)

“Go girl! You can do it! Keep that expectant spirit in your prayers even when those sneaky fear tactics try to take it away.”

How well I know those fear tactics of the enemy.

I finally finished The Help. And one of my favorite parts of the book is Aibileen’s mantra for Mae Mobley. “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

Aibileen is wise. She knows the power of spoken words. It seems words spoken out loud go down deeper into us. Both positive and negative.

If you are taking this 30 day challenge, when you feel the worries sneaking up, immediately say out loud, “Thank you for …. (whatever you are petitioning)!”

God is kind. He loves us.

God is smart. He is wisdom.

God is important. He is God.

And He answers our prayers.

I’ve been praying for a dear friend who had a serious accident a few weeks ago. God is answering every one of my prayers for her. I’m thanking Him for the provision even before He provides. It’s an awesome feeling. I know He is working for her good.

Have you felt a shift in your prayers yet?

Much love,


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