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Are you a Struggling Dreamer too?

Comparison often stops us from taking those first steps of faith. It stops us from painting the picture, writing that song, or publishing our book; we assume it’s already been painted or written before. But if God has called you; if He has given you that dream; then He has purpose that only you can fulfill. Someone needs to hear the message in a way only you can write or paint it. Someone needs to hear the gospel through your lips and shaky voice because you love them and have walked in their shoes.
~ Introduction of A Mary Like Me
Painting of a Mary by Lauren Lee
Time and time again I have to remind myself of my own words. I don’t know if that is a sign of a really good teacher or a really bad one! I know the comparison game all too well. It often sneaks up on me without any warning, and before I know it, I’ve started waning in my resolve to do what I believe God placed in my heart.
Sometimes the waning comes from a lack of lustre. The work and time entailed in the project is always longer and harder than I expected. As a writer that means hours alone typing on my lap-top in the corner of my dining room writing and rewriting trying to get the words just right. And then the thought strikes me that C.S Lewis probably didn’t have to rewrite his masterpieces so many times.
But. I’m not C.S. Lewis. I’m me, and I’m not called to do Lewis’ job, I’m called to be faithful to mine.
I pulled out Oswald Chambers’ Utmost for His Highest this morning. The title of the devotionals for today and tomorrow were: Faith-Not Emotion and The Patience to wait for the Vision. Timely words for a struggling dreamer. Listen…
A self assured saint is of no value to God…But what God wants us to do is to walk by faith.
Well, maybe then I’m of value to God. I’m definitely not self assured! (Chuckle.) But I do know what my spirit knows. Somehow, I know He’s led me to this.
I’ll wait for tomorrow to share his wisdom about the vision.
Are you a struggling dreamer? Is there a dream or calling inside of you that fights comparison and doubt? I’d love to hear your thoughts so that we might encourage each other and pray for one another. I’ll start now:
“Lord, thank you for your patience with us. I thank you that you have created each of us for an individual purpose and call that only we can fulfill. Some of us are weary, doubtful, and need encouragement. Some of us are still waiting for the assignment. Open our ears and hearts to your voice today. Energize us as we place our hope in you, not our ability or talent. We love you Jesus. Holy Spirit fill us. Amen.”
Much grace and peace,

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