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Fire Building

…Wouldn’t it be tragic if no one recognized this light emitting from His spirit? (In us.) In not looking quite like the others around you or growing weary of not living emotionally or mentally in sync with your family or friends, are you allowing the discomfort to block a particular prism of His light to shine through you? Isn’t it possible that what God fashioned in you is there to be a testimony of His nature?
You may not even know that what has been growing and taking on a glorious luster in your life due to your faithfulness is a part of the nature of God that He wishes the world to see and fall in love with. We must tell each other what we see! If we decide that we cannot afford to be who He has assigned us to be, we are depriving not just ourselves but others of some blessing He meant to give. We must encourage each other to nurture whatever gifts God has planted in us. We must plead with each other to spend ourselves in Sparksof the true and living God bouncing around you and me.
If we stand close enough together, they can combine and start a fire, a conflagration of such magnitude that it could warm and light the whole world!
~Broken Jar: 365 Days on the Potter’s Wheel, by Jan Doke
Start a fire today.
Much grace and peace,

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