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A Statement of Faith Facing Cancer

Shortly after starting this blog my only sibling, my big sister, fought a 2nd battle with cancer. This was a “statement of faith” I posted when we first learned that the demon had come back. Christy fought bravely, yet she “got” to take a short-cut home. I will see her again, but until then I hold on to the goodness of God. 
I know many of you know such suffering. If you haven’t done so yet, I want to encourage you to write down your statement of faith. Make it permanent.
I believe…
You, God, love us with incredible detail.
Nothing is hidden from your eyes.
You smile at us and hold our face in your hands
studying every freckle and sparkle.
Your heart is purely love and good
and everything you do and allow in our lives is somehow for our own good
because that is who you are.
Perfect goodness.
But you demonstrated even through your own Son
that sometimes goodness hurts.
Sometimes goodness takes on the appearance of evil
only because our earth-bound eyes cannot see without limiting filters.
So our hearts hurt, and we do not understand.
And we cry and scream and doubt and fear.
But you O Lord are peaceful.
You are never shaken.
Even when we throw tantrums and misunderstand.
Lord, I’m telling you I trust you.
I will choose to believe that you are…good.
Purer than the purest air.
Please wonderful Father, demonstrate your wonder in tangible ways
that these earthbound eyes can see,
and this mortal heart can feel,
and this limited mind can know.
I believe…
Much grace,
I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us (Romans 8:18).

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