It’s one of my favorite stories in the Bible. Maybe I like it so much because favored people of God mess up yet are by Him in the ways He promised despite their lack of faith. I can relate.

Sarah and Abraham had given up on having a baby. They believed God’s promise for a son, but because of the lack of children in their lives, they thought perhaps it was up to them to help God out. “God only helps them who helps themselves.” Right? Isn’t that scriptural?

Actually, that saying is not scriptural at all. You will not find it anywhere in the Bible.

Well, Sarah had the great idea to give Hagar (her servant) to Abraham to be a surrogat mother of sorts for the child they believed God had promised them. Of course, this caused a lot of problems later…problems we are still facing today.

Sarah became jealous of Hagar and treated her cruelly. So, Hagar ran away. And this brings me to my favorite parts of the story. When Hagar runs away she encounters the Living God.

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