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A Penny for Your Thoughts on the Storms of Life: Be Encouraged

I stepped outside this morning into a cool, peaceful, non-humid day. It was almost as if I had travelled to a different place and time, yet there I was standing on my deck which 24 hours before was filled with thick, oppressive, summer air. I didn’t complain yesterday. I kind of like that heat–any heat. Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Today’s weather, however, is much more inviting.

But the hotter air did not leave without a fight. Last night I awakened several times to crashes of thunder, pounding rain, lightning flashes and powerful wind. I always lie in bed wondering how my hanging plants and yard are holding up in the storm regretting that I did not put the plants in safer places.water on flower

Despite my worries, this morning proved their stamina. Everything looked beautiful. Maybe a little weary, but well watered and ready for the cooler day. As I marveled at their beauty this thought hit me: “It often takes a storm to bring change and peace.”

Nobody likes a storm, not a threatening one at least. Yet life is full of them.

I’m writing a Bible study on the book of Ruth and as I get farther into the story I’m progressively amazed at the providence of God. His hand is in every detail of the story, both the good and bad. But all the bad that happens does indeed lead to beautiful new beginnings. Hope. Provision. A bigger picture.

God is a personal God. He meets you and me right where we need Him always. He is the same God today as the One who met Ruth and Naomi where they needed Him yet the story isn’t just about them. It’s about God. His goodness, faithfulness, and plan to bring His people home to restore them back into the family.

Have you been going through a storm in your life lately? Maybe God wants to use it to bring change….peace….life. And maybe He’s chosen you for something much bigger than you could ever imagine.

Hold on my friend. Morning is coming.

Much grace,


The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made (Psalm 145:8,9).




  1. I too was awakened by the storm last night — and awoke this morning to sunshine and God’s beautiful words of grace through your writing! Been going through some storms of my own– personal and family health issues, etc. but storms always bring change –sometimes revealing more of God’s beautiful creation, sometimes bringing such devastation we’re forced to tear down and rebuild. Whatever the case– like the story of Ruth, it’s not just about us personally. He’s a generational God working His purposes throughout history, faithful from one generation to the next.

    1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You have been going through so many big storms. Praying for you.

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