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Learning to Abide in Christ #BiteofBread

  What does it mean to “Abide in Christ?” What does the word “abide” mean anyway? And how do we do “abide” living thousands of years after Jesus in a world and culture so very different than when his sandals walked in the dust of ancient Israel? Some of you might be thinking, “But Andy,… Read More Learning to Abide in Christ #BiteofBread

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7 Scriptures on “Beautiful”#BiteofBread

(Don’t miss the giveaway at the end!) The other day, I stood in a friend’s kitchen chatting and waiting on her guests to arrive, when one of the little neighbor girls came in to ask for a drink of water. She sported a purple one-piece with pink polka-dots, and her brown ringlets, damp from the… Read More 7 Scriptures on “Beautiful”#BiteofBread