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What’s Your "Weather" Like Today?

Yesterday the weather was muggy. Hot. Humid. Off and on downpours intermingled with a fickle sun. This morning when I stepped outside I was greeted by much cooler, non-humid air. The sun is shining, birds are singing…it is beautiful. Totally different from yesterday.

My neighbor had told me that it was going to cool off a lot. I really didn’t believe her because it just didn’t seem possible.

But it was.

Our life’s circumstances are no different than the weather. One day life seems to be unbearable and gloomy and the next it can be so much more enjoyable- even if only for the day. And somehow I know that just as the rainy days are necessary for the earth, so the gloomy days in my life often grow me deeper than the sunny ones. But how thankful I am for the sun!

What’s your “weather” like today? Don’t worry, I’m sure there is a change in the forecast shortly.

Much grace and peace,

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