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Today Only

“…So there is hope for your future,” declares the Lord. Jeremiah 31:3

You know the feeling of putting on an old pair of jeans and your favorite sweat shirt? You know, when you come home from a long day of work, and you slip out of those confining clothes and slip into the ones that fit just right, little lose and comfy? That is what writing my blog feels like. It feels like home.

There are two sounds that bring joy and peace to my soul. I just realized the joy I get from one of these sounds the other day when I drug out the heavy piece of ancient history to repair some clothing. I love the sound of a sewing machine. Once I remembered how to thread it correctly, it purred like a kitten as I made the straight seam down the open hole in my son’s shirt.

I don’t sew much anymore. But it used to be a hobby–a distraction when my kids were young. I even sewed my thumb one day. That’s the day my mom told me to put it away! I think I still tried to make the children matching clothes until Lauren (my daughter) told me she felt like a taco in her Christmas dress that matched mine. (The fabric was stiff.)

The hum of the machine a few weeks ago brought back good memories and reminded me that I just might want to resurrect this old hobby-but only to make things that don’t have to fit anybody. No more tacos.

The second sound that brings joy to my soul is the sound of my fingers tapping my keyboard. I love this sound. It warms my heart and brings peace to my soul. Funny how things change. The first time I sat in typing class as a sophomore on my first day in a new school I was petrified and a terrible typist.

I’m still a terrible typist, but computers have made this task so much easier. No more white-out. Hallelujah! Maybe that is why God didn’t place in me the desire to write until now. It was stressful with the old electric typewriters and uprights. Now all I have to do is push the “backspace” button to delete my mistakes. And spell-check is my best friend. Yes, God’s timing for the birthing and fulfilling of our dreams is perfect. Why do I doubt?

I’ve had to lay my blog down for the past month. Searching my heart and motives. Re-evaluating why I write and desire to do so. And in the process I have been reminded of the faithfulness of God.

I confess that worry of the future often stirs dissatisfaction and questions of my authenticity. But my sabbatical has proven once again that our calling is not about our accolades or accomplishments or lack thereof. Our calling is about doing what we know God has placed in us to do no matter what the outcome. We must trust Him with the harvest.

We plant the seeds. Write the blog. Paint the picture. Take the photo. Preach the message. Feed the hungry person. And we trust Him to do the rest–one day at a time.

My focus must be on today, not my future. Because He alone has my future in His hands, and He promises that there is hope in the future.

This promise is for all of us.

What do you need to do one day at a time rather than worrying about the future? What is “home” to you? May I encourage you to DO IT!

Much love,


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