What to Do when Your Heart is Weary

  1 Kings 18:36-19:18 (Click here if you want to read the story.)     Elijah’s heart was weary. He had experienced the highlight of his career. God really came through for him–big time. The Lord could’ve remained silent and proved Elijah a foolish prophet, but when the man of God called the bluff of Baal’s … Continue reading “What to Do when Your Heart is Weary”

3 Ways to Fight Discouragement

Some of the greatest men and women of faith battled discouragement.   The fact that Billy Graham was discouraged at times makes me feel better. Biblical giants also experienced discouragement. One of them was Elijah. He ran into the desert and sat under a broom tree. (1Kings 19) “I have had enough Lord,” he said. … Continue reading “3 Ways to Fight Discouragement”

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