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Questions are Good

I’m a Pats fan now….

I was the baby sister who always got out of doing the dishes. After every family meal at my grandmother’s house, the men retired to a favorite recliner to watch the Dallas Cowboys while the women carried dirty plates and half-empty bowls to the kitchen. Conveniently, I always had to go to the bathroom.

For a long time. 

 I returned just as the last dish was being dried.

Had I lived in 1st century A.D., I’ve no doubt I would’ve been sitting next to Mary of Bethany, listening to Jesus. But I’m not sure if I would’ve been sitting there because my heart was pure. I might have had other motives.

Like me, Mary was a little sister. She was also human. Yet her refusal to help her sister Martha with the meal has linked her to a “pure” heart.

Was it really Mary’s perfect heart that caused her to ignore her older sister’s commands and defy the custom of the day as she sat with the men at Jesus’ feet? Or, could there be more to the story? (excerpt from A Mary Like Me)

This is the first paragraph of the first chapter of MLM. I question Mary of Bethany’s reasons for ignoring her sister. I question a lot about our preconceived, traditional teachings of all three Marys.

I think it pleases God when we question and dig. I’ve had to learn to ask questions. I’ve had to learn to “fight for my faith” so to speak. Maybe you have too. I think it is a good thing. It is a God thing.

If you find yourself questioning God, His Word, or even a character in the Bible, study! Ask God questions! Dig into the Word and as many study notes you can find in your Bible or web sites or commentaries. Pray for divine discernment. Remember that commentators are human  too, and we all read the Bible with our “filters”.

Questions are good. And when you get His answers, not only do you find knowledge, you find life.

Next Thursday I’ll share a little bit of what I found about Mary B.’s name.

Until then I pray to encourage you in your faith as you seek Jesus. Mary B. found freedom at His feet. His Truth is the only truth that will set us free, and His Presence is the only place our faults are redeemed.

Grace and Peace,

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