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Life Goes On

Remember how I wrote about life still happening (problems and all) as we prepare to celebrate Jesus? Well…

Our family experienced our first loss of a pet yesterday. My furry alarm clock had to be put to sleep due to complications with her teeth. Yes, her teeth. If it had been one of my kids with this problem, we would’ve done all that we could, but how much do you pay to try to save the health and life of a cat? The veterinarian assured me that it was a good decision, but….

And if I focus on this delimma I will go in circles. I’m not sure there is an answer this side of heaven. But I read this scripture this morning and found great comfort: You (YHWH) are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance (Psalm 32:7).

I love the thought of hiding in God. There have been times when I’ve hid in other things trying to run from problems. I’ve hid in shopping, working, and eating. But those hiding places left me vulnerable, tired, and unhealthy. I remember being too mad at God to hide in Him. That is why I tried the other options.

But at one point my weary heart and brain decided it better to trust than fight my God. And so with one step of trust I stepped into His hiding place. My circumstances did not change, but peace entered my heart.

This loss hasn’t sent me into such extremes, but it has yet reminded me of where my focus must stay.

So, I just want to say goodbye and thank you to my Allie Cat. It took her nine years to train me to wake up at 5:00am. My eyes now automatically pop open without any outside stimulus. I guess her job was done.

And I’m thankful.

Much Grace and peace,

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