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Jack Chronicles

His puppy blanket is placed wherever I plan to work for awhile. I always want him in eyes reach because, just like a small child, when he is unseen and silent I know there is trouble brewin’. Usually trouble of the puddle kind.

We have good days and bad days. Days when he sleeps all day (good days) and days when I need to be on my toes to take him OUT every 30 minutes or so. The good days only last until the bewitching hour–that is around supper time when I need to be cooking; he of course wants to pee on the floor and bite my feet because I’m busy. I have appropriately re-named  him for these hours as Hyde, Mr. Hyde.

It seems I’ve travelled back in time to the days when my sweet children were toddlers. Days when I had to pray to love being a stay-at-home mom and (I confess) even my children. Those were cute but oh so harrying years. We had calm and good days as well as days when the house was a wreck and the children the wrecking balls–they were into EVERYTHING. We all survived. I was done.
Yet at age 46 I’ve willingly placed myself in the same (almost) predicament! What am I doing? I didn’t go looking for a puppy. 

He was literally dropped into my daughter’s and therefore my hands. If I didn’t have a sneaky suspicion that God was not only getting a good laugh but also teaching me something in the process I would advise myself to find another home for the puppy that seemed to fall out of the sky.

On this side of eternity this added stress seems unnecessary, silly.

But a small whisper inside of me says….stay.

Stay right where I have you. Stay close and still. I have so much to teach you if you’ll only listen. Love Jack one day at a time.

You may have a “Jack” in your life that is trying and tempting–a blessing that doesn’t always feel that way. Maybe you desperately desire the yesterdays when life seemed so much easier. Maybe you feel you’re just going in circles cleaning up mistakes. But what if God wants you in this difficult place? What could he be teaching you?

God uses everything for good for those who love Him.

Even “Jacks.”

Stay tuned for more of the Jack Chronicles.

Much grace and peace,

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