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Jack Chronicles: The Final Chapter (at least for us.)

That face. It’s a face any mother would love, don’t you think? Despite the eaten shoe and destroyed favorite book, Jack won my heart.

Last summer I wrote about a puppy that we allowed to enter our lives despite every reason not to do so. We never owned a dog because my extremely allergic son could not even spend the night in homes of friends who owned dogs; they triggered his asthma–even the hypoallergenic ones.

Yet my husband and I had a moment of insanity and loss of reason. I agreed to take Jack on a trial basis only. If the cat pooped on the carpet or Andrew could not breathe, Jack had to find another home. But months past and my son seemed to be fine. The cat didn’t like the new strange “thing” in our house that chased her, but she didn’t act out. She tolerated him. She even seemed to enjoy taunting him.

Miracle! We had found the perfect combination of dogs that would create a hypoallergenic dog for Drew. Jack’s parents were combinations, so he was a mutt x 4.

Until his fur changed.

By Christmas Drew was sick all the time. After tons of drugs he was still struggling, so I began to pray for God to show us why he was so sick. One blood test later ordered by the doctor without our prompting revealed the culprit. Yep. Jack. Drew’s dog allergy numbers were off the chart. The doctor advised us to find a new home for our pet.

Now the irony of all this is that if a family gets a pet, 98% of the time the mama has to take care of it–whether she wants to or not. And that is what happened to me. I found myself dreading going home because I knew there would be a puppy waiting for me who would need attention or at least want attention. I began praying, “Lord, help me fall in love with Jack.”

And I did.

I’ve learned so many lessons through Jack. He’s taught me how to love. Forgive. Give. Dogs just have a way of loving you even when you’re at your worst.

But I’ve also been reminded of the faithfulness of God to answer our prayers. He helped me love Jack. He showed us why Drew was sick. And He helped me find a good home for this puppy who won my heart. God is faithful.

I do believe we were supposed to take care of Jack for a little while. I believe God had a purpose in mind bigger than I can see.

Have you had to let go of something or someone you loved? How did God help you?

Much Grace,

God sends His love and faithfulness (sometimes with four legs and a wagging tail). Psalm 57:3b addition mine.

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