If Only I Had Something to Wear

(Feel free to share this image. I made it for you! These were dresses in a storefront in Tel-Aviv.)

Isaiah 61-10


Pray with me?

“Dear Lord, some of us forget that you have given us beautiful spiritual garments of salvation, and they are sparkly and shiny. We continue to wear our old, struggling, torn and tattered clothes. Help us stand on this promise and put on our robes of righteousness today, dressed for the King of Kings. We don’t even have to go shopping. You know our size and you paid the most extravagant price. Thank you for our unique gowns. We love you, Jesus, amen.”

I have no doubt that when we cross the ethereal threshold we will not only see Jesus face to face, but our eyes will be opened to what we’re really wearing. Jennifer Dukes Lee has written a wonderful post about a dream she has had about that amazing feast we’re all invited to.  This is one of the most heavenly pieces I’ve ever read, and I must share. Just click here. 

But until our bare feet are under the table, please remember. . .


Jesus loves you,


Photo attribution: Dresses in a storefront in Tel-Aviv. (c) Andy Lee


  1. Janet Mitchell

    Thank you Andy. We did not talk in our family. But I always knew Jesus was there. Our Mother was gone but Jesus was with us.

    1. Jan, I’m so sorry you lost your mom at such a young age. I’m so glad you felt Jesus. Put on you shiny robes!

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