Bite of Bread, God's promises

Bite of Bread: He Will Do It

Bite of Bread He will do it

I came across a deeper truth studying one of the bites (verses) from last week that proves how important it is to stand on the Bible rather than our feelings, thoughts, or circumstances.

James 4:7,8 says, “Submit yourselves, then to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God, and He will come near to you.”

The word “submit” is a Greek word we learned about a few weeks ago discussing marriage. We don’t like that word, but as we “submit” we depend on that person.

Depend on God.

and the scripture continues. . .

Resist the devil.

This sentence conjures up the thoughts of resisting sin–temptations. But the ancient word translated as “devil” is the Greek word Diabolos, and this word means accuser. 

Satan was given this nick-name as he slithered next to Adam and Eve and filled their minds with accusations against God that questioned His goodness and truthfulness. (Genesis 3:1-5)

We know that the enemy whispers accusations in our minds about our own failures, but we need to be aware that he also hisses accusations against God. He wants us to second guess God’s goodness and doubt His love.

Diabolos also loves to cause us to doubt the goodness of others. 

Our minds really are the battlefield.

That’s why studying God’s truth and standing firm (the meaning of the Greek word for resist) is so important. It’s vital to living the abundant life Jesus talked about. It’s paramount to being a warrior rather than a worrier and developing a testimony instead of the “moanies”.

Diabolos cannot win the war, and he cannot steal our salvation, but he can impede our power as a child of God on this earth if we believe his accusations.

Isn't this the prettiest cup of coffee? It was mine!
Isn’t this the prettiest cup of coffee? It was mine!


I’m so excited about these promises this week. Treat yourself to a pretty cup of coffee and an hour or two at your favorite local java shop. Write out each one of these verses in your journal and answer these questions:

  • How does this verse apply to me?
  • Do I have trouble believing this, why?

And, dependent on your time, if you have a study Bible, look up any scripture references that pertain to each verse.

I know, sometimes we don’t have time to do all that. If you don’t, no worries. Read the bite for the day and chew on it all day long asking God to open your mind to it’s truth.

I’m reading with you.

And I’m talking about each bite on Periscope every morning at 9:00 EST. My profile is “wordsbyandylee”.


Leave a comment: What “accusation” against God do you fight against?


Jesus loves you,




  1. Hi dear Andy,

    I love your insights based on the meanings of these words. Thank you so much!

    Love to you in Christ,

    1. Hey Emily, thanks! Aren’t these words amazing? It truly resonate in my spirit. Thanks for the sweet comment. Blessings!

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