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How I Got Free Shipping On Amazon (More winners of the giveaway!)

I can’t stand it.

I was going to wait until Friday, but I’ve never been very patient, nor very good at keeping secrets; therefore, this week I’m slipping in an extra post.

So. . . when I went to order the books for the giveaway of The Pursuit of God, I realized that if I bought a few more books I could get free shipping.

Now I know, mathematically, that’s the reason why Amazon does this; they want us to spend more money on products. So, maybe I fell for their gimmick. But the way I see it, shipping cost isn’t something I can hold in my hand. Nobody can underline in it or copy it down in their journal.

Shipping cost never spoke into someone’s soul and brought life into dead places.

But I know that Tozer’s book, The Pursuit of God, has done these things for many people.

So, I thought. . . “I want my money to go to tangible books rather than shipping.”

And that is why there are 5 more winners of The Pursuit of God giveaway!

FullSizeRender (7)

Straight from my hat (after another quick prayer):

Joy Benson, Suzy Conway, Bruce Brady, Diane Searle, and Malissa Gibbs (who I just met at a women’s retreat where I spoke!).


If you are one of these winners and you were disappointed when you didn’t win the first time, will you please leave a comment of something Jesus has whispered to you as you learned that you indeed won. Or will you share a lesson you learned? I really feel like this is a God-thing.

Your comments will be the finishing touches to this post.



With purpose!




  1. Malissa Gibbs

    When I got this message, I was surprised and delighted. I have been looking for a book to read after testing. I am in Nursing school and we can read non nursing material after tests because we take the same test AGAIN but in a group (for learning purposes) and I have been trying to find something I can take along for encouragement after the drain of these tests! I feel like this is another way that God is telling me to press on, that this is his will and that He is with me even when I feel like I just bombed a test! My anxiety grows with each semester and I hope that this book will calm me and give me clarity about this path! Thanks so much Andy for being the facilitator of this message! I look forward to the reads!

    1. That’s awesome Malissa! Read this book one bite at a time during quiet time with the Lord. You will be in my prayers.

  2. I love this! So awesome! :D

    1. It was sooo fun too! Thanks, Debbie!

  3. Suzy Conway

    My pursuit of God is relentless. I’m excited to see what He has in store for me as I read this book.
    Thanks so much, Sister.
    *Glory to God*

    1. He relentlessly pursues you too! So excited for you, Suzy! Many blessings

  4. I’m amazed, once again, by the way Jesus works. I missed the first notification of winners, so I didn’t know I hadn’t won. However, I also knew that if Jesus wanted me to have this book, delivered through this drawing, He would provide. And He did. I praise Him for this book, and I praise Him for continuing to heal me of my cancer. All glory to Him, amen.

    1. Bruce! God is so sweet isn’t He? I’m laughing that you didn’t even know you didn’t win a copy the first go-around! What kindness and love He has for us. Yes, I am praising Him for healing you too. Much love!

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