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If I see God in Everything, even Suffering (“Streams in the Desert” Giveaway)

I fought with God. “I don’t want to write about that!” I told Him. Nobody wants to talk about pain and suffering being the will of God in our lives. In fact there are some preachers that preach against that. Jesus told us He came to give us abundant life. But He also told His disciples to take up their cross …

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When You Need a Big God / Book Giveaway

  I love how God weaves hearts together. Though we’re simply acquaintances, Debbie Wilson and I have a few important things in common. We both have books releasing on March 8 by the same publisher (Leafwood). We both live in North Carolina, and we both are represented by the same literary agent, Blythe Daniel. Those are pretty significant, but there …

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Pray hard when it’s hard to pray: The Circle Maker Giveaway

The hardest thing about praying hard is enduring unanswered prayers. If you don’t guard your heart, unresolved anger toward God can undermine your faith. Sometimes your only option is to trust because it is the last card in your hand, but it’s the wild card. . . .By definition, praying hard is praying when it’s hard to pray.” (excerpt from …

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How I Got Free Shipping On Amazon (More winners of the giveaway!)

I can’t stand it. I was going to wait until Friday, but I’ve never been very patient, nor very good at keeping secrets; therefore, this week I’m slipping in an extra post. So. . . when I went to order the books for the giveaway of The Pursuit of God, I realized that if I bought a few more books …

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